Join the author on a personal journey into the life of a snowflake as seen through the eyes of God. Imagine the similarity of each unique person and how both are formed by the breath of the Creator.  Diana is a story-teller, and this is one more delightful tale as seen through her walk with the Lord.   This book is not just a beautiful story it is a work of art, through the divine illustrations of world class artist Danny Hahlbohm.   You will find yourself anticipating the next page and the beauty of his design.

The theme of the story is spiritual and Christian inspired.   Come and follow our author as she opens herself up to the thoughts and interpretations from the spirit of God. Poetry, prose and a story that flows.

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Footprints in the Snow is a must have for Christmas! Depicting a winter wonderland through God's creation of a snowflake, in language enchanting and filling hearts with hope; this is a gift for creative renewal. Refreshing!Diana Hahlbohm has captured the beauty of winter and opened our eyes to the wonder of God in this season.I love this book from a very special writer, combined with the gifting of a renowned artist, Danny Hahlbohm. Slip this book in a stocking this Christmas. For those who live in snow-laden parts of the world, light a fire and snuggle up for a devotional reading that honors Father God. As a school teacher I love being able to recommend a devotional book that can be enjoyed by all the family....your family and mine! 

-Kathleen Smith author of 

Beyond Broken Families 

and Parents on the Move!

This new work by Diana Hahlbohm has both awed and inspired me. Whenever life gets too noisy, I search for Footprints in the Snow.

Heather Burch, 

award winning author 

of Halflings