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Diana Hahlbohm has written a beautiful book of poetry and prose in Wings – My Journey Upward.  Through the pages she shares her personal discovery of a loving Heavenly Father and His continual offering of love, grace and mercy for His creation.  The touching dialogue between them reveals His heart through the many pains and joys of life and illustrated so beautifully by artist Danny Hahlbohm.  The sweetness of Diana’s “journey upward” will linger in your heart, forever placing in it a desire for this same intimacy with God.

Phyllis Benigas, Author  


I read your book and was blown away. I loved it and found myself dreading the end of the read. So many elements woven together and I found myself in tears.

Richard Bohanon

Message from the Artist

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This soft cover 7.5” x 7.5”  paperback book has 48 pages with full illustrations and  has won the hearts of so many even in it’s short first time appearance.

Diana Hahlbohm takes us on an inner journey depicting intimacy with God though personal reflections in her life. This book is poetic, inspirational, artistic and very moving. Dialogue between her and God makes this a very endearing study in communication with God, a Daddy, and a friend.

Art designed by Danny Hahlbohm has made this a visual masterpiece as well as a book that will touch your heart deeply. " Wings, My Journey Upward" is a must read!

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Brand new release of author Diana Hahlbohm’s book


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In 2010 Danny almost lost his life. After a miraculous recovery, being touched by God, he was lead by the Spirit to create a quiet meeting place with the Lord.

Take a look into the”behind the scene” inspirations that lead this artist to be one of the top renown Christian painters of our time. Danny shares personal insights on his relationship with God and how God works through him. He reveals a special place he meets alone with the Lord in what he calls


See how you too can have a “God Room” and connect personally with the Lord who will also inspire you to do the work God has planned for you as well.

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The God Room
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The God Room


"An absolute triumph! The God Room forces you to dig deep into your relationship with Christ. This is a life changer! 

~ Heather Burch, best selling author of the critically acclaimed Halflings Series

TV series


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The God Room



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Come and join us as we open the pages of our hearts and share in our journey with chronic illness from two perspectives. We each have a story to tell and we hope to shed light on your pathway as we share our stories. It is so important to understand the physical, emotional and spiritual effects of Fibromyalgia.

If you live with Fibromyalgia or other such illness, this book will bring you understanding and validation around the many challenges that you face each day. It will help you find ways to express your needs and challenges to others. It is our hope that you can have life worth living. Hope that your life can indeed be filled with peace and joy. Patrice Burke and Diana Hahlbohm met in Venice, Florida at a women's prayer meeting where they instantly felt a divine connection. After discovering that they both had been diagnosed with this illness they became close friends often sharing and praying for each other. This book is a product of their devotion to helping others live fuller lives with a better understanding of many of the symptoms and struggles associated with Fibromyalgia. "We are transparent as we share from the depths of our souls".

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There is a spiritual war taking place right now all around us. A war we cannot see with the natural eye, yet a war we are called to engage in and are destined to

become victorious  through the weapons given us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ whom we serve.

Learn how to prepare yourself for battle and how to use the spiritual weapons and armor which the Lord, through His Word, has given you to stop and defeat the enemy dead in it’s tracks.

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Over the past 40 years, Danny has comprised some of his most spiritual insights he has shared with thousands of email patrons. This book is full of many of his answers to questions given to him. It is will surely inspire and help you on your Christian walk, as it has been to countless others.

paperback book -  $14.95