Messages from the Artist


    To most people who know my artwork or myself, they know me as an Artist, and indeed I have used the talent God gave me to glorify my Lord and Savior through this medium. However the Lord spoke to me in the midst of a prayer one evening and told me I was not just an artist, but a medic. Those paintings He had inspired me to do were to help encourage, uplift and heal many soldiers in God’s army as they stood on the front lines, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

    Many years ago I created a website of my artwork where people could order any one of my prints online. Since that time I had a number of people write to me and asked questions about things or circumstances they were going through. Some, I felt many others could also relate to these situations so I began writing a section on my website called “Message From The Artist.” Since then, I have received thousands of emails with either comments or questions of their own.

    I have comprised a few favorite “Messages from the Artist” writings from my website  in the hope you will enjoy them as much as the thousands who have read at that time. Although the chapters here are short in size, I believe the messages within them are powerful if we apply them to our daily lives, and not just head knowledge. To receive God’s wisdom and understanding is a wonderful thing, but when we apply that knowledge and wisdom into our daily lives, then we not only receive His magnificent wisdom, but also see grand miracles take place in our lives as well.

People throughout the ages have often wondered what inspires an artist to paint what they do. This book reveals the inspiration behind the artist/author Danny Hahlbohm.

    Many have already been blessed by these writing contained in “Message From The Artist” already, and I know it will bless and uplift you as well.

paperback book -  $12.95

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