Inspired Art

2261 Mistleto Lane,

North Port, FL 34286

Danny and Diana Hahlbohm

About the Artist


    The image to the left was the original Inspired Art logo way back in 1980. Although it was created a few decades ago, the idea and message behind it still remains the same today. Mainly: All the artwork is under the hand and guidance of Christ Himself.

    It is a wonder if someone can create a beautiful piece of art, even more a miracle if someone had the ability to use another’s hands to create the work, and yet even more miraculous if that instructor could create not only the hand movements, but also the

students mind  itself in order to create that work of art.  None the less, that is exactly what the Lord has done. He has not only guided my hand to create these works of art, but also given me the mind to form them in my mind first, then on canvas for all of you (His children) to enjoy and be comforted by.

    What a magnificent God we serve. One who loves us so much that He is willing to go to that length and depth for you, even before you knew Him. God blesses others though those who yield to His Spirit. The artwork you see was created by the Creator. I am merely a tool which the Lord uses to bring His blessing to you.