The Unknown Path

The road we travel, the unknown path,

Life's journey contains God's blessing or wrath.

Crossroad divide the  directions we choose

Choose wisely my child so you do not lose.

Narrow is the path that leads to God's gate,

Few will choose it and thus is their fate.

Temptations and wanderings call us to stray,

God whispers to seek Him, to follow, to pray.

Our destination a question as we travel along

To whom do we follow, to whom we belong?

God's Spirit will guide us if we beckon His call,

Life is a journey given to us all.

Danny Hahlbohm

Each standard reproduction is beautifully matted complete with a drop matted border including the title of the image and the artist name below.

All matted prints come shipped to you in a special custom made reinforced box with it’s own clear protective bag preserving it from any dampness or humidity  during it’s arrival to you.

Each protective bag has a flap on the back of the bag for easy removal of the reproduction to be placed into a frame of your choosing.