Six human beings by happenstance

  Were trapped in a bitter dark cold.

  Each had in his hand a piece of wood

  So the story goes.


  The dying fire was in need of wood

  But a woman held hers back

  For as she gazed at the faces round the fire

  She saw that one was black.


  A second man searched the gathering

  And saw none from his church

  So he could not bring himself to give

  The fire his piece of birch.


  A third man sat in ragged clothes

  And he gave his coat a hitch.

  "Why," he said, "should I

  Give my log to the idle rich?"

  The Black man was full of revenge

  As the fire was fading from sight.

  He kept his log to punish them all,

  The rich, the poor, the white.


  The last man of the forlorn group

  Did nothing except for gain.

  He only gave to those who gave to him

  That's how he played the game.


  So the logs were found in death stilled hands

  As a testament to their sin.

  They did not die from the cold without...

  They died from the cold within!


Nathan Perry,

an inmate in Arkansas State Prison

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