“Warrior of God”

Each standard reproduction is beautifully matted and comes shipped to you in a special custom made reinforced box with it’s own clear protective bag preserving it from any dampness or humidity  during it’s arrival to you.

    This painting is a personal one for me.

I had a dream awhile back depicting a young man standing alone, much like the painting here you see.

    At first it was just a silhouette standing within a haze of fog. Suddenly out of the fog I saw a figure come up and stab this young man and flee away. The young man fell to his knees, then slowly got up again.

    Over and over shadowy figures came from with the fog and took shots at him, each time the onslaught got worse and each time the young man struggled back to his feet.

    Finally all hell broke loose. There were bullets flying hitting the young man, mortar shells going off around him and all I could see was a cloud of dust and ash filling the air from the attack.

    Then the dust & ashes began to settle. As it did I could see the young man still there but wounded deeply. Once again he mustered all he had to stand upright as before.

    This time however I began seeing more of this figure before me. A dim light began to reveal more detail of this young man.

    What you see represented here is exactly what the Lord showed me in that dream just seconds before he revealed this young mans face to me... and I saw who he was for the first time. The young man was my eldest son, Jae.

    I awoke from the dream... and cried.

    You see my oldest son just recently gave his heart to the Lord and accepted Christ as his savior. I will not go into detail but the onslaught Satan has led against him I doubt if many, including myself, could have withstood. Even though physically his body is much like I portrayed here, his strength comes from God within, like the scripture implies.

    Although the dream was in reference to my son I believe this painting signifies all young Christians fighting against the wiles of the devil in these times. They can only win by the power of the Holy Spirit within them and through them. Greater is He that is within you then he that is in the world!


                    Danny Hahlbohm

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