“Not Alone”

A letter from Colonel Lance Kittleson

I'm sure you hear this a lot, but your art has been a real blessing to many. As a parish pastor, I use a copy of your "Welcome Home" with those who are dying and it has given great comfort to the deceased and their families.

As an Army Reserve Chaplain and Iraq veteran, the "Never Alone" painting really hits home with me and soldiers. I give them to soldiers going through hard times or as a 'goodbye' present to those who are moving on.

In August my command will be hosting a Leadership conference where "The Good Fight" painting will be center stage for a display of our unit's soldiers who have been Killed in Action. The painting reaches soldiers souls with the memorial stand of inverted M-16m helmet, boots and Dog Tags. Soldiers will rarely cry unless it is at the death of a fellow American soldier. Your painting brings tears which is a good outlet for the pain of lost comrades.

Thank you for using your gifts to honor Christ and soldiers.

CH [COL] Lance Kittleson

Mr. Hahlbohm,

As a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve and Civilian with the Army

Corrections Command, the military artwork has a special place in my


As a former military member yourself, you may understand my

belief, thatwe do not accomplish things alone, that we have help

from our family,our co-workers and most importantly, God. 

When I was recently awardedwith my second Meritorious Service Medal,

I took the time to remember those members of our command that

are currently deployed.  I presented "Not Alone" to the command

to be place in our new command conference room, so that we

will always remember those deployed in Harms Way and

their families left behind.  My wife, Colleen, took the time to donate

one of our silk yellow roses to placed at the base of the beautifully

framed work to represent that a day will go by without us

remembering those.

I have written this presentation in our quarterly newsletter to be

sentto all of our confinement facilities across the Army Command. 

I want to thank you for the work you do with the military service.


Matthew R. Ponton

Manpower/ Force Structure Officer

US Army Corrections Command

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