I awoke one morning unaware of the fact,

an intruder, a stalker had begun his attack.

Though no concrete evidence was apparent or seen,

I knew in my heart an intrusion of being.

Though subtle in approach it began to be clear,

this stalker was precise and ever so near.

I searched through the house, yet all seemed intact.

nothing removed, misplaced... no apparent attack.    

Yet someone had been here as evidence began,

fingerprints developed from a unknown hand.

Through the hallway, the den, on items I cherished

His prints were revealed and I felt quite embarrassed

As facts began mounting, distraught with dismay.

I realized the perpetrator had invaded each day.

Not just in my dwelling, my work place or den,

he had invaded my spirit and my soul from within.

He followed my pathway intrigued with my heart.

his fingerprints collected shown more in one part.

A book on my table, revealed his prints most

a book of the father, son and Holy Ghost.

As I read past each page searching for hints

each page shown brightly his bold fingerprints.

The scriptures there written in such beauty and care

I discovered the truth that had always been there.

"You have found me my child" he said once revealed.

"Now a new name is written within you and sealed."

He pressed His last fingerprint upon my forehead

"This seal is your entrance when life's book is read"

I realized the intruder had no ill intent

His motives quite simple, accept and repent.

As I fell on my knees, tears streamed down from my face

My life now changed, given purely by grace.

The evidence concluded without fear or doubt

I've been stalked by the Master and finally found out. 

His entrance was gentle yet thorough indeed,

I sought an intruder, he sought for my need.

The shame and the guilt, by myself, not of him

concludes the pursuance, revealed from within.

Through evidence acquired I hereby decree.

GOD - found  guilty , of love -  first degree.

© 2008 Danny and Diana Hahlbohm

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