“King of Kings”

Special Edition ONLY - $39.00

“King of Kings and Lord of Lords”

The Special Edition of this particular print is indeed “special”!

It is the full image painted by Danny Hahlbohm but also includes all the names of Jesus below.

In the painting itself Danny has included many of them carved in stone on the pillars.

The names of Jesus are listed below here.

Advocate • Almighty • Alpha and Omega • Amen • Apostle of our Profession • Atoning Sacrifice for our Sins • Author of Life • Author and Perfecter of our Faith • Author of Salvation • Beginning and End • Blessed and only Ruler • Bread of God  Bread of Life • Bridegroom  • Capstone • Chief Cornerstone • Chief Shepherd • Christ • Creator • Deliverer • Eternal Life • Gate• Faithful and True • Faithful Witness • Faithful and True Witness • First and Last • Firstborn From the Dead • Firstborn over all creation • Gate • God • Good Shepherd • Great Shepherd • Great High Priest • High Priest • Head of the Church • Heir of all things  • Holy and True • Holy One • Hope • Hope of Glory • Horn of Salvation • I Am • Image of God • Immanuel • Judge of the living and the dead • King Eternal • King of Israel • King of the Jews • King of kings • King of the Ages • Lamb • Lamb of God • Lamb Without Blemish • Last Adam • Life • Light of the World • Lion of the Tribe of Judah • Living One • Living Stone • Lord Lord of All • Lord of Glory • Lord of lords • Mediator of the New Covenant • Mighty God  Morning Star • Offspring of David • Only Begotten Son of God • Our Great God and Savior • Our Holiness • Our Husband • Our Protection • Our Redemption • Our Righteousness • Our Sacrificed Passover Lamb • Power of God • Precious Cornerstone • Prophet  Rabbi • Resurrection and Life • Righteous Branch • Righteous One • Rock • Root of David • Ruler of God’s Creation • Ruler of the Kings of the Earth • Savior • Son of David • Son of God • Son of Man • Son of the Most High God • Source of Eternal Salvation• The One Mediator • The Stone the builders rejected • True Bread• True Light • True Vine • Truth • Way • Wisdom of God • Word • Word of God • Yahshua

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Each standard reproduction is beautifully matted and comes shipped to you in a special custom made reinforced box with it’s own clear protective bag preserving it from any dampness or humidity  during it’s arrival to you.

(Large posters do not

come with matting.)