Are you writing a book?

Creating music for a CD?

Making a church video?

Then you may be interested to know Inspired Art will work with you to include any one of Danny hahlbohm’s artwork on your cover for sale!

What you are seeking is generally called in the industry “Image usage.”

Using an image by an artist, as many publishers and promoters will tell you, can greatly enhance the sale and distribution of your product. We are a “visual” people. Generally speaking, if they like what they see they become more interested in what you have. That goes for most likes and dislikes in our society. Your first impression is often the one that stays with you the most.

We work with many publishers, distributors and individual people around the world to find and use the image they want for their covers, be it books, CD ‘s, billboards, church bulletens or whatever you wish to use, we can help.

Usually there is a one time fee for this usage or perhaps even a percentage of sales. Prices vary  according to the type and amount of usage required. If you are interested please contact us at: