A canvas giclee is basically a reproduction of an image or artwork on canvas. The canvas itself is specially coated to give a look and feel of the original artwork intended. Please note that because they are reproduced on canvas no text shall be included on the artwork like shown in paper prints.

When I was touring around the country doing art shows I use to have several canvas giclees because many people could not afford an original and it gave them a piece of art that looked and felt like the real thing. In fact (true story) I use to have to look at the back of the framed pieces I had for paint marks and smudges on the edges of the canvas so I could tell which was which. Yes, it is that close looking to the original once framed.

In all my years of painting, giclees have been one of the most exciting parts of our technology. You will be so happy you decided to go the extra yard and ordered a giclee of your favorite painting instead of a paper reproduction. This is something you will have your entire life, and pass down to your kids

The canvas giclees sold come un-stretched, A giclee itself is the process of reproducing the image onto the special coated canvas. In order to put the giclee into a frame it must be stretched over artist stretcher bars. Then stapled in place and at that point it is ready to be put into a frame.

We sell the canvas giclees un-stretched because it is usually much cheaper for you to receive the giclee and have it stretched by a local gallery (most galleries can do this) then to pay us to do it and the extra shipping involved.

If you prefer to have it stretched before it is shipped out we can do that for you as well. If this is your preference, then after you have ordered your giclee come back to this page and click on the “donation” button at the bottom here, choose the same size as your ordered giclee and it will be shipped out to you ready for framing when you receive it.

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